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  Johann Schmitz 5171c549be
Cleanup 1 year ago
  Johann Schmitz 4027b4a592
Replaced string formatting with template in author_tag 1 year ago
  Johann Schmitz 9c93528b05
Replaced spaces with tabs 1 year ago
  Johann Schmitz 5febed60fc
Replaced tabs with spaces 1 year ago
  Johann Schmitz 6af79606f5
Don't fail to create json document if a single repository produces an error 1 year ago
  Johann Schmitz 7cc3715910
Removed unused (and now no longer available) patterns import 1 year ago
  Johann Schmitz f4f8d7fb51
Updated urls.py to comply with new urlpatterns layout. Also fixed issue https://github.com/ercpe/gitbrowser/issues/1. Gitbrowser can now be integrated as an app. 1 year ago
  Johann Schmitz 7618470ed0
Updated base configuration 1 year ago
  Johann Schmitz a2f73c230b
Added sonar-project.properties 1 year ago
  Johann Schmitz 1b91637831
Updated makefile 1 year ago
  Johann Schmitz d9a8b19412
Don't fail on '-e' in requirements.txt 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz ad668d26d0
Fixed usage of namespaces 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 5af0230330
Fixed usage of committed_datetime 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz cf4667453c
Drop nightly for now 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 434b3bacfc
This project does not a requirements_dev.txt 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz c87810143b
Updated name in requirements.txt 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz bb20daf8e6
Removed useless line from Makefile 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 154aa20950
Updated Makefile, added .travis.yml 2 years ago
  Rafal Lalik 2914315c36
Fixed errors in tests 2 years ago
  Rafal Lalik f4ea3e022b
Update to django 1.9+ version 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz fb945ea1c0
Dont error out at parsing error of requirements.txt 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 2c11b81c34
Updated page titles 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 973df2c448
Fixed a few page titles 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 81ee309964
Updated page titles 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 482d483f98
Allow passing extra html to the end of the page 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz e0abdf423a
Allow custom urls in Content Security Policy 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 7ef1bdae66
Added ability to render requirements.txt content on the repository overview page 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 215444651e
some cleanup 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 883718f0e3
Added rel="nofollow" to login link 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 67bb94b0a2
Improved repository listing (added microformats and table header) 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz b49b6dca66
Improved message for missing README in repository 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz f24859f95d
Relaxed regex for commits a litte bit (gitweb accepts multiple lengths between 7 and 40) 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 22540b2e0c
Redirect gitweb feed urls 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz bd3b6bcc35
Added history view for a single blob (based on repository commits list view) 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz dc28c8fb65
Use a permanent redirect for gitweb urls 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz d2a735b45a
Redirect gitweb summary urls to overview 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 306d2d505d
Added template for 404 and 500 error 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz c6839b21e2
Raise Http404 if no redirect url for gitweb could be found 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 28d30a48be
Improved CommitsFeed 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 2ab9977504
Allow extra scripts via configuration 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 9d708886af
Hide navbar brand on medium and large devices 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz e13efaff51
Archive: Use clean name and version as the first directory 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 7a3eb24816
Added JSON representation of commits 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 890f9a1b4a
Updated JSONView for repositories list; added JSON representation for tags page via content negotiation 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 391815badd
Added json representation for projects list 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 01e580984b
Link 'source' always to the root of the repository 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 5be3d163e7
Make the site a little bit more mobile-friendly 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 18fef61bcb
Consistent timestamps on tag archives 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 7e9c909786
Added OPML view 3 years ago
  Johann Schmitz e5f105b71a
Dropped unused background definition 3 years ago