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  Johann Schmitz bc0e53c5d8
Add activities window 1 month ago
  Johann Schmitz 65bbe21ff6
Increase reminder interval 1 month ago
  Johann Schmitz 7fa81ac912
An entry has only been started when the last inserted id is not null 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz cf6030e11a
Show reminder message when no time tracking is running 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 6e755c3851
Auto hide window on minimize; Auto focus window on restore 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 602219834b
Show localized time in tooltip 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 42621973a2
Show sum row 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz cef12824b5
Condense entry table; make windows resizable 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz dc143c0081
Mark prepared entries in table 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 5e2be87592
Hide submitted entries only in entries table 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 49777a64b6
Refresh entry table after closing submit window 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 5c92c78b3b
Remove cruft 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 306125c2ec
Check for database schema and auto-create new tables 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 725b504b04
Fix submitting by setting a timezone for started argument 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 62baa5d109
Add tray menu; autostop timetracking on close 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 6867361d13
Support fetching/submitting to JIRA again 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 7f95673572
Improve UI 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 69e1979068
remove cruft 6 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 9b6ce42316
Use PyQT instead of pyside 7 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 4b9bfcd2e4
Move ptt folder to root 8 months ago
  Johann Schmitz cb7c08bdbb
Replace tabs with spaces 8 months ago
  Johann Schmitz 88786c690f
Completed favourite buttons; improved table 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz de84cc4113
Kinde wip 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 8fa10f0d69
Added support for favourite buttons (not recording yet) 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 6bc32718e9 Editable time tracking items 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 60f00b4308 Send data to JIRA! 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz f35f371d6a
Allow editing of description (with textedit!) 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz ef9ce5f505
Improved submit window 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz e5c6663adb
Moved database to ~/.ptt 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz c0c4354644 It's called ptt 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz e2ab638e67 It's called ptt 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 3373fafd7b
Submit window 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 3cf6c385c5
Implemented start/stop and "sync" 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz b6ca567087
You can do more things now 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz ee9d50d6ec
Yeah, SQL completion 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 7c8217e8c7
Sure as hell, i have no idea what i'm doing 2 years ago
  Johann Schmitz 3d28c9ed57
Initial commit 2 years ago