Python implementation of a reverse polish notation parser
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  1. TARGET?=tests
  2. test_default_python:
  3. PYTHONPATH=".:./src" python -m pytest tests/ -v
  4. test_py2:
  5. @echo Executing test with python2
  6. PYTHONPATH=".:./src" python2 -m pytest tests/ -v
  7. test_py3:
  8. @echo Executing test with python3
  9. PYTHONPATH=".:./src" python3 -m pytest tests/ -v
  10. test: test_py2 test_py3
  11. compile:
  12. @echo Compiling python code
  13. python -m compileall src/
  14. compile_optimized:
  15. @echo Compiling python code optimized
  16. python -O -m compileall src/
  17. coverage:
  18. coverage erase
  19. PYTHONPATH=".:./src" coverage run --source='src' --branch -m py.test -qq tests/
  20. coverage report -m
  21. travis: compile compile_optimized test_default_python coverage