Python client for The TVDB REST API
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tvdb-rest is a client implementation of the TVDB REST API. This library does not support the “old” XML api!

tvdb-rest supports Python 3.4+. Python 2.7 may work, but isn't supported.


To use the REST API, you need an TVDB API key. See on how to obtain one.

from tvdbrest.client import TVDB
api = TVDB("myusername", "myuserkey", "myapikey")

for language in api.languages():

# search for series
search_results ='The Simpsons')
for series in search_results:

# fetch series by id
simpsons = api.series(71663)

# access actors of series object
for actor in simpsons.actors():
    print("%s as %s" % (actor, ', '.join(actor.role.split('|'))))

# list all episodes for series (pagination handled automatically)
for episode in simpsons.episodes():