A smart S.M.A.R.T. check

Updated 9 months ago

Python client for The TVDB REST API

Updated 4 years ago

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Enhanced SuperGenPass

Updated 11 months ago

Python translation of the Identicon5 library (https://github.com/FrancisShanahan/Identicon5)

Updated 3 years ago

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Python API for ELV MAX! Cube

Updated 11 months ago

A tool for the rare case where you need (some of) the docker container available on the host system with a stable/deterministic hostname.

Updated 6 months ago

Custom rule set for rspamd

Updated 8 months ago

Random collection of Jinja2 extensions

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 4 days ago

Ansible Collection jlec.system - System config roles

Updated 4 months ago

Random Repo

Updated 4 days ago

Create your ansible collection from it

Updated 4 days ago